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Generally about the Doctoral Student Association of Univeristy of Pécs

At University of Pécs, the Doctoral Student Association (PTE DOK) is responsible for the advocacy of the doctoral students on the university level. The organization was founded in 2012, as first of its kind in Hungary. The structure of the association is democratic and it is building up itself from lower levels. It is made up from the elected representatives of the doctoral schools of the University of Pécs.
About the scholarships

The Doctoral Student Association made it possible for doctoral students to apply for more and more scholarships over the years in University of Pécs. The doctoral students are be able to apply for the László János Doktorandusz Kutatói Ösztöndíj, and the “Átütő Tehetségek Ösztöndíj”. The PTE DOK, offers a traditional scholarship, for doctoral students, who wish to attend to conferences and/or would like to research at a distant university or library. This scholarship is the kiemelkedő tudományos ösztöndíj. Besides all, since 2017, the PTE DOK handels the intézményi szakmai, tudományos ösztöndíj as well.

The PTE DOK annually organizes international conferences both for Hungarian and International Students. Our banner ship event is the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Conference, which gathers more than 100 doctoral students year-by-year to discuss their research and results with each other. The PTE DOK also offers a new conference, for doctoral students of medical and helath research fields to discuss up to date problems of the fields. This conference is the MEDPécs. The Doctoral Worshop as another traditional event, organized by the PTE DOK. It offers a platform for doctoral students and enterprises to use the most innovative research results on the market.
About the new doctoral training

The new doctoral training in Hungary has been changed in some of its key aspects, compared to the previous version. For example, the training now has two main parts. The first one is called “training and research” and the second is “research and dissertation”, both parts are 4 semester long. After the first part every doctoral student has to take a complex exam to advance to the next phase. Scholarships’ amount has also changed: it is 140.000,- HUF in the first, and 180.000,- HUF in the second phase. It is considered a great raise in this area.

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Scholarships for the 2018/2019 spring term:

Outstanding Scientific and Arts Scholarschip

2018/2019 Outstanding students grant RULES AND REGULATIONS

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Outstanding scientific and art scholarship

Institutional professional and scientific scholarship 

Licensing Doctoral Events
Executive order 1/2017 of the President on licensing doctoral events
Annex No. 1. Event licensing data sheet
Annex No. 2. Event report data sheet
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